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Welcome to Billings Drywall Company! We deliver top-quality drywall services to residential and commercial customers. We have been providing these services to a variety of clients for many years. We draw from this wealth of experience to ensure the quality of our work. Our customer satisfaction is why we have become so successful today, and we hope for the chance to win your loyalty as well! Because of our excellent customer base and loyalty, we have established a long-standing and solid reputation as a professional and affordable drywall service in Billings, Montana. We go to great lengths to sustain this reputation as it is something we are very proud of. Thankfully, our status as a reputable drywall service is all but guaranteed by our employees’ hard work!

About Us

Our staff is diligent, professional, and highly qualified to perform residential and commercial drywall services. Our services also include tape and texture as well as wall repair. They possess skills in popcorn ceiling removal and acoustical and fire sealants. At Billings Drywall Company, you don’t need to worry about hidden costs or delays. We work under tight schedules and deadlines. Also, we are happy to provide a free and non-obligatory quote before we begin working. We understand that every building or remodel has a timeline, and we will not hinder you from getting your dream! Whether you have a residential or commercial property, contact us for drywall services!

We stand behind every job we undertake, promising durability, reliability, and superb results.
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Our Services

Whether they are residential or commercial, big or small, all of our customers are offered the same comprehensive package of drywall services in the Montana area. We have spent significant time designing these services to ensure that our experts can tailor all of them to match every customer’s individual needs. We know better than most that no two jobs are ever the same. What’s more, we listen attentively to your requests and requirements before offering you the most affordable and durable solutions. Our services include a residential drywall service, commercial drywall service, taping and texturing, popcorn ceiling removal, and acoustic and fire sealants. Give us a call today to chat with a knowledgeable representative or to schedule a free estimate!

Residential Drywall

Thinking of installing the drywall yourself to save on expenses? You may regret it in the long run. Doing your drywall installation may seem easy, but if you do not have the right equipment and experience to do it perfectly, you would want it done right the first time. Why not let a professional handle the job for you? You will get to enjoy the following benefits: Hiring professional services for drywall installation means that you will get experience and skills. It translates to straight and accurate installation each time. Experience means the technicians have seen their fair share of installations and know precisely what to do.

Skills entail being able to conduct the work effortlessly. When you hire professionals, you never have to worry about the suitable materials and tools to get the job done. The technicians will come with the necessary tools and materials to start and complete the job. This includes taping and sanding tools, which are essential for that smooth, flat finish. The benefit of letting us do your drywall is that we will leave your property as clean as we found it, if not cleaner. Professional services ensure to clean up after themselves after each job. Sanding can be pretty messy, and you would be left with the burden of cleaning if you do it yourself. A good professional will clean up once they are done.

You also get better results. Nothing beats the professional touch. Even with a good DIY guide, you will not be able to meet professional standards. Getting the right smooth texture takes time and tools. You would instead let the professional do it so it can look beautiful the first time. We offer less stress, with reduced time. Do you want to spend your weekend putting up drywall? Wouldn’t you rather spend it relaxing or being productive? When you hire a professional service, you can rest easy knowing that everything will go well, and your drywall will come out smooth and beautiful. Put your feet up and let the professionals do it for you.

Commercial Drywall

Signs of a Bad Drywall Installation Job

A drywall job may appear good and flawless at first. But with further inspection, you may realize that the contractor did the job poorly. From the experts come indicators of a bad drywall job to help you steer clear of inexperienced people.

Drywall uses multiple panels to form a wall. A good drywall job will not show any joints. You shouldn’t be able to tell where one panel starts and the other ends. Therefore, if you can make out the outline or see the panel joints, you got a bad drywall job. The joints are often visible because of air bubbles under the tape’s surface used to join the panels. It could also be that the technicians did not space the boards well during installation. 

During the last finishing touches, the drywall should look and feel smooth. Ridges and roughness are a sign of a bad installation job an often an indicator of carelessly applied coats of compound. It may mean air bubbles or issues with joint tape. Grooves could also form if the technician over-sanded the surface. 

If you did not receive the best contractor, then the boards may come off as crooked. Often, these contractors work alone, leading to mistakes because the work requires a team effort. Installing drywall alone could lead to skewed panels, which will not have the best look. Also, crooked drywall could be because the wall is uneven. That is why you must seek qualified professionals who will make the drywall look as straight as possible, even on a crooked wall. 

Another sign of a bad drywall installation job is uneven corners. The drywall corners should be straight, and free from creasing, with no bubbles, indentations, or gaps. Uneven corners will affect the overall appearance of the drywall. 

If you can see nails or screws popping up from the wall, then you have received a bad installation job. Even if they appear to be pushing from the surface, it is considered a bad finish. Nails should not be visible, especially if your drywall is new. It is not great if you can see it, and you need experts to fix it. 

If you just got new drywall, and you are sure you do not have water problems, then a sagging ceiling is a sign that it was a bad job. The ‘pillowing’ on your ceiling could be because the contractor did not use strong enough drywall to stand up to gravity. It could also be because the contractor used nails instead of screws, causing the drywall to sag. 

At the end of the installation, the drywall should be smooth and flat. This calls for sanding, which will produce a lot of dust. Every great professional knows that dust can interfere with the painting process and even gum up the joints of your windows and doors. If the contractors do not clean up this mess, they may not have sufficient experience, and you may soon find a few problems with the drywall.

Taping and Texturing

Drywall Repair

Common Drywall Problems

Your drywall will not last forever. You are bound to meet with a few problems along the way. Drywall damage can occur for several reasons – maybe it was knocked when moving furniture or scratched by a running child. Look out for the following issues with drywall:

If the nail is not set correctly in the joint, it may pop up after some time. A popping nail could tempt you to reach for the hammer and push it back in. Unfortunately, most people do that and cause further damage to their drywall.

You can often see the effects of temperature changes on the joints of drywall. Whether a residential or commercial project, drywall panels are jointed with joints. If they are too tight, they will not allow proper contraction and expansion of the materials when the temperatures change. This could lead to cracking of joints. On the other hand, if the joints are too loose, the panels could fall off. Also, if the compounds are not applied correctly, it could lead to cracking and falling. 

Many times, bubbles occur when the tape is not placed correctly. If the tape becomes loose, it will create a bubble. Bubbles often indicate that the drywall may not last as long as you want it to if you do not schedule repairs.

Water damage on drywall will present as discolored, soggy patches that are weak. Also, drywall from water damage will have a bad odor and may even show mold growth traces. Drywall that has suffered water damage often calls for removal and replacement.

Drywall could retain scuff marks from furniture. They are minor but will make your drywall look bad. Scuff marks look like pencil and maker stains. Luckily this type of damage is easily rectified with a regular cleaning sponge.

Sadly, your drywall may be an excellent place for termites to inhabit and build colonies. The damage from termites can be mild to painfully obvious. Often, the drywall will show holes, crumbling baseboards, and a hollow sound coming from the wall when knocking. This type of damage requires expert attention, so they can also get rid of the termite colony.

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Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Are you wondering how to remove popcorn ceilings?

Popcorn ceilings do not have the best reputation. This is because they possess some drawbacks that have proven unfavorable for modern homeowners. If you have not thought about removing your popcorn ceiling, consider the following:

The rough popcorn-like textures make popcorn ceilings ideal places for dirt and dust to hide. The rough surface makes it unsuitable for bathrooms and kitchens. They are also challenging to clean, so you will have difficulty maintaining their original color due to dust and dirt. 

Older houses, such as those built in the 70s and early 80s, may have asbestos in their popcorn ceilings. Asbestos is a commonly known toxin that causes respiratory problems and cancer. If your popcorn ceiling has asbestos, it will not poison you immediately. However, as it ages and starts to flake, you risk being exposed to toxins. Such ceilings require a professional touch. DIY could expose you to harmful toxins.

Popcorn ceilings have a heavy texture that makes them difficult to paint over. A rough texture is more difficult to paint than a smooth surface. This is a major drawback if you are going to redecorate or remodel.

Another major drawback of popcorn ceilings is that they are challenging to repair. Repairing the popcorn ceiling is problematic because it requires a technician to cut out the damaged part. Then the technician would have to replace the cut-out with a portion that matches the texture, pattern, and color of the existing ceiling. It is difficult to do, even for a skilled technician.

Popcorn ceiling removal is a job for a professional at Billings Drywall Company. We will complete the work in no time at all with minimum mess. It will give your property the modern, sleek finish it deserves! 

Acoustical and Fire Sealants

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