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Billings Drywall Company

Commercial Drywall

Do you plan to do some construction work at your business location? Would you like to show off the new building in style? Let Billings Drywall Company help you do so. We work closely with all our commercial partners from start to finish; from enquiry to project completion. Our experienced employees can transform basic frameworks into stylish, sophisticated rooms which your customers will love. With our assistance, you can show off a new building that you are proud of – whether it’s a brand new construction, or just giving an old building a face lift, we are here to serve your drywalling needs. Unsure whether this might be for you? We can review the current state of your building – and offer you a free non-obligatory quote.

Steel Framing
Our trained experts have had years of experience installing metal stud partitions in commercial, residential and retail developments. These non-load bearing internal partitions can offer our customers a simple solution for space division, but also a high-performance wall that should meet fire resistance specification and sound insulation requirements. The versatility of this technique makes it a quick, easy and cost-effective way in which to add that special detail to your refurbishment or new build development. We would be happy to advise you as to the most appropriate course of action. Our technicians have years of experience in this field; there really isn’t anything that they haven’t seen!

At Billings Drywall Company, we offer a wide range of finishes that will allow you to achieve that stylish, weather resistant look that is also low-maintenance. A system such as this can improve the insulation of your property enormously. We take great pride in being able to offer our customers in the local area a range of comprehensive and technical solutions to support their commercial work. We offer all our drywall in a range of colours and finishes, using thin coat renders alongside base coats and primers that repel water and provide weather protection.

Suspended Ceiling
We offer all our customers in the commercial sectors the ability to install a ‘suspended ceiling’. This is a secondary ceiling that can be hung below the main or original structural ceiling of a building. It is a fantastic way to conceal your buildings electrics and ductwork, but also will allow for simple access (and therefore easy maintenance) when you require it. At Billings Drywall Company, our ceilings are lightweight metal frame constructions, available in a broad range of different finishes and colours. These can also be used because they are fire resistant and enhance sound absorption.

In the commercial sector, many of our customers are familiar with drywall viewing. It is used in almost all new building projects; and is now one of the most common building materials that there is. Whilst there are other alternatives to this technique, drywall has the most material advantages. Our expert contractors can assist you with any drywall repairs, installation and finishing that you require at your commercial property. We are confident in drywall being the most cost effective solution when you consider your construction material choices.