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Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Have you just moved into a new home and are looking for a refurbishment? Do you hate the popcorn ceiling that makes your room look dated and tired? Are you unsure how to get rid of it? Popcorn ceiling was an incredibly popular choice for home decoration for a number of years. People like it because it hid imperfections without sacrificing acoustics. However, today new homeowners and developers make its removal their priority. It’s an obvious choice for many who are looking to update the look of their homes. This is true of homeowners who want to sell in a competitive housing market, but also for those who have bought a property as a fixer-upper and are looking to give it their own touch


Not only can popcorn ceiling mean you have an out-of-fashion finish, it can be really difficult to clean and maintain. This is because the texture easily accumulates dust, cobwebs and other small bits of dirt which can accumulate in hard to reach and high places. This is another principal reason that homeowners and commercial property developers opt for a popcorn removal service to ensure a cleaner, more modern finish in their property. At Billings Drywall Company, we can do this for you. Our professionals are trained in popcorn ceiling removal, and have completed this job for thousands of others. Trust us to get the job done.


What’s more, the complexity of the job makes it very difficult to undertake without professional assistance. This is where we come in. Our team has extensive experience completing this type of work and as such can deliver results quickly and efficiently. This might even include painting the new ceiling or applying an alternative effect of your choosing. The process is heavy-going; we first cover the walls and floors in plastic sheeting, spray the ceiling with water so that the popcorn scrapes away, using special tools and techniques to guarantee that we keep the mess to a bare minimum.


As we’ve shown, popcorn ceiling removal can be a tricky bit of refurbishment that, in experienced hands, can go badly wrong. There are a number of reasons why you should choose to work with Billings Drywall Company rather than attempt this work yourself. The delicate nature of the project can result in novice mistakes that are more costly to repair. If you are too heavy-handed, you might leave small holes and marks on the ceiling. It’s also a messy task that can be a total nightmare to clean if you haven’t prepped the room correctly!


This type of work can be costly. However, the price you pay will depend on a variety of factors. This includes the size and the height of your ceiling, layout of the room and popcorn effect. Those ceilings that have more intricate popcorn patterns will be more challenging to remove, and certain finishes will be easier to break away than others. Whatever the effect and finish, we are happy to assist you. Just get in contact with someone in customer services and we can provide you with a free quote.