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Residential Drywall

We have ‘drywall’ in our name because it is the foundation of our business. Over decades in the industry, it’s an expertise that we have developed and take much pride in. It is the very foundation upon which we have built our business, something that has seen us become one of the preferred contractors for this type of work in the area. What’s more, our reputation is ever-growing as we receive new business and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.With Billings Drywall Company, our credibility is not just another strap-line, your job (whether residential or commercial) is safe with us. Nearly 80% of our employees boast more than a decade of service.


Dry walling is a system for cladding and lining the internal faces of buildings. This includes the walls and the ceilings. It’s a process that has become increasingly popular in the area; most likely due to its ease and speed of construction. What’s more, it offers clients and architects more flexibility. By selecting the appropriate system, fire, thermal and sound permeability can all be realised at the same time! At your residential property, we can attach plasterboard to the internal faces of your building, creating a smoother surface which allows you to apply paint directly. This technique requires much less water than traditional plastering, hence the term!

Taping and Jointing

These internal plasterboards will require taping and jointing so as to give a complete wall surface. What’s more, the taping and jointing will eliminate cracking; and guarantee that fire and sound performance is achieved. This process involves concealing the seams where sheets of plasterboard are adjoined, as well as strengthening them. It’s a method used to prepare a wall for decoration in the manner that you wish. It is a useful alternative to skim-coating; where builders cover the surface of a plasterboard with a thin layer of plaster. We have many years experience both taping and jointing.

External Wall Insulation

External wall insulation systems are a cost-effective way in which you can insulate your residential property. Typically, installing will involve fixing a layer of insulation board to your external walls (or a frame system). We then cover this insulation board with a combination of a base coat and a mesh; before completing the task with a thin-coat render. There are a number of benefits to this type of insulation. It’s incredibly cost effective, and we work hard to keep prices as affordable as they are. What’s more, this type of insulation can extend the life of existing buildings by providing thermal insulation – making sure that the old structure is warm and stable.


At Billings Drywall Company, we offer you a wide range of finishes and render. The external or internal insulation system that we provide will reduce energy loss in your property, saving you money and maintaining comfortable internal temperatures the whole year round! We are specialists in this area; if you would like drywalling in your residential property then get in touch. We recognise that it is these tradesmen that guarantee our reputation as one of the best in the business. Give us a call today!