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Taping and Texturing

Many people think that the installation of drywall is as simple as propping it up against a wall. However, it takes a significant amount of planning and measuring, as well as taping and texturing to ensure that your property gets the finish it deserves. Once we set the drywall, it can then be taped along the seams and joints. We also offer a wide range of texturing – to make sure that your drywall receives the finish that you imagined.

Taping and texturing might be necessary if you cause damage to your drywall. Maybe, you nicked the wall when moving furniture in your home? We can take care of all sorts of drywall damage. This includes cracks from settling, wear and tear, damage from kids, or even door knob holes! We are trained to deliver repairs to all manner of issues. What’s more, we can take steps to assess why the drywall was damaged in the first place; for example, by locating the source of the leak or addressing ventilation problems. This way, you can take proactive steps to stop the problem from happening again. We are known among our residential and commercial customers as a company that always goes the extra mile!

Once we have installed new drywall into your residential or commercial property, and it is ready to be set, we can offer taping services at the seams and joints. At Billings Drywall Company, we can offer you two main types of drywall taping which include paper and mesh. The tape is then applied to the seams and joints and seams where the panels meet. Our trained professionals do this with great accuracy and attention to detail. We might have to apply this taping in several layers to guarantee its protection. Once we have sealed the tape, this holds the drywall in place. We have put up thousands of dry walls, so you can trust us to get the job done.

Texturing your drywall can be a fantastic and creative technique in which to add a bit of extra flair to the interior of your home or commercial property. At our company, we are experts in this area and can create wonderful textures using brushes and tools on your drywall once we have installed it. We create leveled designs on wet drywall mud – which we then seal and paint over. It is a great opportunity to give the room a more personal touch. Your satisfaction is our priority and we will work closely with you to make sure we realize the vision that you have for your new build or refurbishment.

Our professionals are hired because of their vast experience in hanging drywall. They have great efficacy and attention to detail when they hand these frames on walls in your workspace. Their first goal will always be to achieve an even, flat wall once it has all been installed. The same is true of their work on ceilings which can give your room or workspace a more cohesive look. At Billings Drywall Company, we understand that finishing drywall requires a high level of precision and care for a flawless result. The quality of a finishing job is essential. Our drywall finishing services, from taping to texturing, are seamless. This helps you create a professional aesthetic throughout your home.